The thing with friends


I’m thinking a lot about friendship. Exactly what is it? I mean, I know what it is to me, but I’m just me😳 Years ago I loved having lots of people around me, but for some reason these friends have become less each year. It’s not that I feel bad about it, not at all, but I’m curious about what’s happening inside myself. Of course it’s about me needing so much time to myself, or with a potential partner, but it’s also about keeping my head and my thoughts from being cluttered. The amount of impressions are higher today than it was 20 years ago. At least in my world. Things are getting rougher, opinions get harsher and more unforgiving. I don’t like it, and when I hear friends turning away from a sensible way of thinking, it’s no longer my place to be. Sure, I can take a discussion, but why would I? I really don’t feel like sticking my head into childish opinions just to end up in a stupid discussion in which I have to defend MY opinion while they don’t have to😳

This and lots of other things made me stay out away from everything I valued earlier. But no, it’s no problem at all. I have shaped my life into a kind of space where I can use my mind, my heart and everything else that makes me a real person. People who value a person who won’t just change finds me anyway. It’s just a weird feeling to see so many change while I’m steady as a rock myself. I’m pretty sure it’s because I stay by myself. When we let that thing we call LIFE get too much, and we forget to use our hearts and minds, that’s when we open up and let others opinions and solutions to problems take over. It’s a sneaky thing. People can’t even see it coming, and they tend to forget who they were very fast. I can’t fight that. Not because I would lose (I would most certainly win everytime), but because I refuse to change for the worse, so there’s no use.

Anyway, friendship to me…it changed meaning. Today I see the friends I’ve got on instagram as real friends, just as much as the ones I can meet right here. The exchange of thoughts, ideas and feelings is just as important as with the ones I actually meet when I want to. In fact, some of my best friends are there. On instagram. So what is friendship again? Friendship is what it’s always been, but without the need to meet physically. That’s ok with me👍 More than ok😀 I will write more about this, but I’m working and don’t have much time right now🙏

Cya soon!

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