There is always a beginning


….as well as an end. I have been carving this confused oak leaf for a few days now. I call it confused only because I carved an oak leaf from juniper, not oak. Like a fun thing, understand? 🙂

The start was easy. I found a photo of an oak leaf, printed it out in it’s original size and transfered onto my piece of juniper, started cuting the outlines. When I was done cutting the outlines, I understood how weird it is to do this 🙂 But it’s still nice. And confusing 🙂

When you cut something like this, there’s many ways to do it. I cut the outline deep down into the wood, about 5mm – 10mm. These numbers are different on each side as Iwanted the leaf to look alive, not just like a dead piece of wood looking like a leaf. Yes, there was lots of cutting with my own handmade chisel. It’s only 5mm in diameter, so it’s easy to use for tiny cuts.
The undercuts was the hardest as the wood fibers runs everywhere. But the first cut will soon end with the last, and it’s a finished art piece 🙂
Sanding the undercuts was the hardest. It’s easy to break these tiny and thinly cut details.

I want to make more leafes of different kinds soon 🙂

The start
The end
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