Wherever you are

Be the soul of that place


One could ask why it’s necessary to explain to anyone who we are, but it’s still polite and nice  🙂  Anyway, I’m born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1964. Since a few years back I live in a tiny village north from Gothenburg, and I love it here. I have thought about moving to another european country, like Italy or France many times but the older I get, the more I understand I would miss Sweden too much. The swedish nature is so very special, and I can no longer see myself leaving, as my heart would hurt a lot. I still love to travel though, and I still enjoy the change of pace when visiting another country. I like food a lot, and my dream is to be able to travel the world for some food tasting.
I have three kids, one girl and two boys who are, of course, adults by now. One of them is married and they made me a happy grandfather 🙂

The place where I live is below our two mountains and among iron age burial sites and older. Interested in history as I am, it’s easy for me to feel my ancestors spirits float all around me. The forest is very close by and I visit them as much as possible. 

The reason I made this site is because I want to share the great parts of life with anyone interested. The name of this site Gautland originate from the very old name of the county. Today it’s split up in two counties, and they would then be called West Gautland and East Gautland. Well, today their names are Västergötland and Östergötland, and I live in the first one. If you’re not swedish, and you plan to visit you should vist both counties and not just get fixated on Stockholm. Especially if you’re interested in history. Gautland is in fact the cradle in which Sweden was born. All the oldest kings are buried right here, and to me this is important 🙂

So, feel welcome to look through this site, and also feel welcome to visit Sweden!


Yes, even in what we create, nature is involved. Everything we use to create, whatever it may be, we get our raw material from nature. Some look at steel as something not natural, but it is. Our planet holds everything, and even though things get processed before use, it’s still from nature. There is nothing unnatural on this planet. Sure, some things are deadly to every living thing, but it’s still from nature.

Nature never told us everything it gives will be good for us. The materials most of us use for our creations will still be harmless, so let’s keep to those. We are also different. We think different. Have you ever felt like there is actually something living you are holding in your hands when creating? I suppose it might be easier when working with what we call “living materials” like wood, fabric and such, but metal, stone and many other materials may speak to you as well. Personally I mostly feel it from wood. It’s like it lets me shape it to whatever I want it to be. And I always feel thankful.

So let’s think about what our materials really is and where it’s from. It may help us even more to make the most beautiful things 🙂


Creativity to me is to let go of lots of things inside that actually doesn’t matter, things that we’re letting get too important in an everyday life. We need to get outside of all that sometimes, and just let our hands do what our ancestors once did.
It doesn’t matter wether it’s some kind of professionally made jewelry or a wooden stick you collected because it gave you a certain kind of feeling. You will probably use that stick in a way that makes you proud and happy. Inside the word Creativity is a part where we see the small things. There’s nothing hard about finding the big things as they’re everywhere, but finding the things that most people just pass by is something you’ll find in yourself when you get closer to nature. I can’t explain it. It’s just how it works.

Have you ever had a picture in your head of something you would like to make? Something that won’t leave you alone, something that won’t let you go asleep at night? That’s when you have to try! Make it! It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be created by You! I would say creativity is inside us all, but many feel like they can’t make anything. But we all can! What you make may not be much at first, but we all start somewhere and we get better with practise 🙂

I started from nothing. I started painting in my teens, but dropped it because a teenager always have too much to do 🙂 It took me decades to find my way back to my creativity, and when I started again it showed in different things than painting. But at least I’m back! 🙂 And that’s what’s important.

I wish you a nice stay, and you’re welcome to ask me anything if there’s anything that makes you curious.