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At first I wasn’t sure whether I should do this or not. It felt like I would copy others… It took me about three years to actually start, and I finally made one. It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done, and there are some obvious flaws to it. The problem with the “soundbox” which was the hardest. Yes, there are a few minor things I could have done better, but they will be fixed. Maybe not on this one though, but I’ve decided to make at least two more. Just to learn. I don’t play, but I’ve got an ear for music, so I know when a sound is good or bad. These instruments have been made in a variety of ways in history even though they seem to look the same. And some even use modern strings, nylon or violin strings, so I look at it as development of an already existing instrument. My idea is to build the body almost in the same way they build violins. The rest should stay the same  I’m curious about the sound if the body is made in this way. Then there is the thing about shape. Maybe there are some fantastic ways to do this! 

Anyway, this one has horse hair and is pretty much built in a historically correct way. I just made the string holder from horn, and there’s these finetuners, but that’s all. The problem I’ve got isn’t in building or making things, it’s about me always wanting to go further than ever before. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you what I wanted to do when I started this project! 

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