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Do you spend time in nature? I spend time in natureas much as I can, and it’s a way to reload my energy. I’m lucky to have it around the corner, or actually right outside my door even though I live in a small community. This waterfall is called Brudslöjan (the bridal veil), and also Skäktefallet. I have tried to find some history about this waterfall, but haven’t found much. I’m very interested to know why it’s name is Skäktefallet 🙂 The word Skäkt, Skäkta can be found in a few different meanings. One is Slaughter, another is Crossbow arrow. But I don’t think it’s anything that dramatic. The word also has to do with Flax/linnen. Not all things here has to do with violent happenings, but with the everyday life, so that’s why I think it’s this easy 🙂

Anyway, this waterfall is, of course, even more beautiful in real life and well worth at least one visit if you’re from outside Sweden and happen to visit my area. You can even get beautiful photos from on top of the waterfall. There are ladders to climb and paths to follow to the top. The creek leadning to the waterfall i equally beautiful. The forest on top of the mountain is a great place to be, filled with berries, mushroom and animal life. When up there, on the north side, you can see lake Vänern (Lögrinn is the very old name) as if you’re by the sea. You can’t see the end of it 🙂

Sometimes I wish I could invite a few people from outside Sweden for a roadtrip through this beautiful county. There is so much history right here! And if history isn’t your thing, there is still so much to see 🙂 You don’t have to go to Stockholm, Gotland or whatever place you’ve read about. It’s all here! Maybe one day! Let’s see 😛

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